September 6

MISTER VERCETTI’s Words of Wisdom


Before I started MISTER VERCETTI as a mindset driven fashion brand I had this question in my mind about the fundamental principles of life. Why are we doing things like we to them? Why are we more focused what happened in the past and what will happen in the future instead of living in the moment? 

Questions like this where running through my head and the only answer I found on that question was: “Because we where teach to think like this from the very beginning. It’s a part of our culture and we are scared to leave “the standard” and try something else. 

So I decided to try it at my own and startet to live in the now. Right here, right now just enjoying the moment and live the live how it comes. Sometimes days are bad, sometimes they are good. But I started to give every day the change to become the best day of my live. 

And the results where amazing. I started being happier and more focused on the things that are really important for me and all this happened by changing my mindset and started living in the now. 

That was the birth of the legendary vision that drives a global community of game changers and different thinkers today. Because it’s your life and you have the change to make every second legendary. 



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Do you believe in magic?

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Don’t be Scared
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