September 6

MISTER VERCETTI’s Words of Wisdom


Dear legendary people of tomorrow,

I want to us this very first post to write down some words of Wisdom. To inspire you to make every second of your life legendary. Because it’s only about you to enjoy the moments that live is presenting.

What does it mean to make every second of your life legendary? Well, it’s about finding yourself in the moment, forget about the past and living in the now.

So many people out there are not enjoying the beauty of life, all the magical moments and the miss the happiness that could be there every moment.

They are stressed about material objects, about what could happen in the future and about all the bad things that happened in the past. But what happened in the past can’t be changed anymore, we only can learn from the failures and challenges that war already mastered.

The key to happiness is to be one with yourself. Focus on the real wealth in life, which is time and invest the valuable time we have in our lives in something that makes you happy. Because happiness is the most valuable that we have.

So think about this.

If I would send you $86,400 every day to your bank account and at the end of the day I will put it back, and repeat this on the next day. How would you invest it?

I’m sure you would find a million things in which you could invest it, right?

But now, do not think about this amount in money. Think about time. Because thats the amount of seconds that every one of us, no matter who and where you are has each and everyday to invest them in something valuable.

86,400 seconds. 86,400 opportunities to make something legendary…

You see time is the most valuable we have in our lives and we can decide how to spend and invest them .

Think about that for a while.

All the best,




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