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Introducing the one and only, the legendary: 


Dear legendary people of tomorrow. 

I want to us this moment to share some words of Wisdom. To inspire you to make every second of your life legendary. Because it’s only about you to enjoy the moments that live is presenting.

What does it mean to make every second of your life legendary? Well, it’s about finding yourself in the moment, forget about the past and living in the now.

So many people out there are not enjoying the beauty of life, all the magical moments and the miss the happiness that could be there every moment.

They are stressed about material objects, about what could happen in the future and about all the bad things that happened in the past. But what happened in the past can’t be changed anymore, we only can learn from the failures and challenges that war already mastered.

The key to happiness is to be one with yourself. Focus on the real wealth in life, which is time and invest the valuable time we have in our lives in something that makes you happy. Because happiness is the most valuable that we have.

So think about this.

If I would send you $86,400 every day to your bank account and at the end of the day I will put it back, and repeat this on the next day. How would you invest it?

I’m sure you would find a million things in which you could invest it, right?

But now, do not think about this amount in money. Think about time. Because thats the amount of seconds that every one of us, no matter who and where you are has each and everyday to invest them in something valuable.

86,400 seconds. 86,400 opportunities to make something legendary…

You see time is the most valuable we have in our lives and we can decide how to spend and invest them .

Think about that for a while.

All the best,



a unique character 

Who is mister vercetti?

MISTER VERCETTI is the definition of a modern self defined lifestyle person, who brings the old values to the modern world to inspire a generation of self-actualisers. 

Grew Up… poor. MISTER VERCETTI a teenager when he first thought that there should be more in life the just the ‘normal’. MISTER VERCETTI knew that he needs to find a way to create a lifestyle that most of us only know from their dreams. While still a young man working in different jobs to find something that passionates him, he met mid aged Entrepreneur while working as a post courier who offer him a job. He started working as a personal assistant and used his boss as a mentor to learn how to create wealth in live to pay for the lifestyle of his dreams.

But more importantly he learned to define a new mindset which is the fundamental of everything he reached in life. That's the Mindset he shares with his unique fashion editions. 

Profession… attorney, and the self-proclaimed “best opportunity finder in modern business” – though others sometimes proclaim it too. It’s undeniable that MISTER VERCETTI is good at what he does. With raw talent, encyclopedic knowledge of the global business, and unorthodox methods, he never fails to amaze. He can improvise where he needs to, and even his working principle of “keep pressing till it hurts” isn’t industry-standard. 

Interests… winning, the higher the challenge the better. MISTER VERCETTI likes to bring a value to the world by inspiring people around the world with his vision of creating a self-defined life where you enjoy the moment and make every second of your life a legendary one. The trait that links MISTER VERCETTI’s passions is that he’s a competitor, and he loves when something is challenging him. 

Relationship Status… single. He’s capable of charm, but incapable of commitment. MISTER VERCETTI is a carouser, using his affability and charisma to seduce any woman who captures his fancy. He makes a point of not sleeping with married women, but as a pragmatic concern rather than a moral stance; he likes to avoid unnecessary complications. 

Challenge… caring about more than just himself. Perhaps due to childhood trauma, MISTER VERCETTI makes a point of depending on no one and getting his fulfilment from ambition, material success, and expression of his own worth. MISTER VERCETTI’s challenge is to move beyond the sarcasm and wit that characterize an ironic attitude toward existence and learn what it means to have responsibility to others. If he can’t find a way to base his happiness on more than winning for himself – and admit it – then he may remain alone forever.

Personality… smart, charming, confident, driven and sometimes arrogant. As he admits, “I’m not about waiting, I’m about winning.”

Statement…  if there is one statement that describes MISTER VERCETTI the best then the following:

"referring to a person that is driven by a vision, not conforming to a standard and expecting to make the seemingly impossible, possible."

"for all of you that are driven by a vision."

the game changing mindset

think like mister vercetti

Boys and Girls, welcome to the extravagant Lifestyle of your deepest dreams. This is what MISTER VERCETTI defines as his standard and he’s never stopped until he reach the next level Lifestyle experience.

But before we take a deeper look in all the parts of MISTER VERCETTI’s lifestyle we want to introduce you how he created this unique kind of lifestyle and what it needs to achieve suche a lifestyle at your own. 

The most important is the right Mindset. A Lifestyle starts always with you, your habits, your way of thinking and how you handle situations in your life. It needs pure commitment and discipline to live a life that most of us are only dreaming about. 

If you have the right mindset you can achieve anything in life. All the success, wealth and luxury that you are dreaming about while scrolling through social media. Now, how to create such a mindset. 

You may have read about how MISTER VECETTI defines his character. There you read about his mentality, which is that he is never willing to lose or give up at any point. If he wants something to achieve, he will find a way to make it happen. That ist the fundamental of creating a legendary lifestyle. Now it's your turn!

"I'm not about waiting, I'm about winning."

"I think being in love with life is a key to eternal youth."

the legendary lifestyle

Living the life of mister vercetti.

If we look at the Life of MISTER VERCETTI we see a life that could be a fictional life of a Movie, with him self in the main role. You see a middle aged, attractive and wealthy man that is well and modern dressed and who still knows the classy gentleman habits. That makes him irresistible to attractive young women. He is the modern Playboy and charming guy that has a secret that any other man wants to know. And this is about his legendary Lifestyle. 

Starting with the fundamental of his wealth. MISTER VERCETTI is classy business man of the modern global world, running a international billion dollar empire that enables him to enjoy this kind of lifestyle. His normal days starts earls at 5:30, beginning with a intense workout followed by a health breakfast. After working for around 10 hours he enjoys his social life while meeting friends and having dinner at the most exclusive dining locations around. Sometimes he also loves to relax at his city center penthouse while watching a movie or listening to some music while enjoying a good glas of whine.

Running his own business makes him free of where he wants to work. Over the year he spends his time at his different properties around the world including New York, Los Angeles, Marbella, Monaco, Lombok and Cape Town in South Africa. To make the high amount of Traveling more comfortable he travels with his own jet called “The Big Mr. V”. All his properties his Jet and also his cars are own designed 1 of 1 editions which makes him remarkable at any time. 

Wherever he is at the world he always loves the community of young, attractive and intelligent women which sometimes joining him at his journey around the world. 

But beside all this amazing facts about MISTER VERCETTI’s life the most important for him is to be happy every day while being better today than yesterday. 

"The purpose of our lives is to be happy and never stop growing yourself."

for a better tomorrow

MISTER VERCETTI's social engeagement

MISTER VERCETTI brings the world the goodness in different ways. With his legendary lifestyle collections he shares the legendary lifestyle with all of those, who understand themselves as the modern gentleman. And with a part of the global profit he supports charity projects around the world to bring the goodness also to those who can’t enjoy the legendary way of life every day.

Most of the people in the USA, Europe and in the western countries have the change to change their lives by themselves. But there are may places in our world where people are fighting everyday to survive from day to day. MISTER VERCETTI has a mission to put a positive impact to any place in the world.

MISTER VERCETTI believes that all of us have enough to change something in the world. Therefor MISTER VERCETTI spends 15% of the global profit every month to charity projects around the world. He wants to help building better infrastructures brining daily food to the people who don’t able to enjoy it every day. This is the way MISTER VERCETTI brings his legendary lifestyle to the whole world and save lives. We are all humans and MISTER VERCETTI thinks everyone has the right to life the legendary life, no matter where you from or who you are.

"Style yourself - Be a Legend - Sharing the Goodness around the World."

Live the life of MISTER VERCETTI. 

Dive into the legendary lifestyle of MISTER VERCETTI, read about the adventures, the friends and the global family that is driven by a unique and strong mindset to create the ultimate dream life. 


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