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believe in a sustainable process


Why MISTER VERCETTI believes in a sustainable process?

In a limited world with a constantly growing population and economy, natural resources are used up faster than they can be regenerated. We have exceeded the carrying capacity of the global ecosystem. Deforestation is one prominent example of the increasing demand and over-use of natural resources. In the last 25 years, the world lost a forested area of almost 1.3 million square kilometers which is nearly equivalent to the size of South Africa.

A reverse trend is not likely as various predictions show an increasing worldwide timber demand.

Today’s and future generations already suffer from direct or indirect effects of over-exploitation of our natural resources which has led to droughts, floods, desertification, salinization of soils, forest fires, pollution of the air, and destruction of habitats for plants and animals and the livelihood of millions of people.

The planet

Sustainable Fashion, responsible choices.


Made-to-order is making a difference in traditional retail and taking a step towards sustainable and responsible fashion production. When choosing made-to-order third-party printing services like MISTER VERCETTI, products get printed only when a customer buys them.

In traditional made-to-sell retail stores, products are made in large quantities and often exceed market demand. Around 85% of all textiles produced by the fashion industry end up in landfills, making it a major contributor to environmental damage.

By choosing print-on-demand, you give customers a more sustainable fashion choice as well as more product choices—no more settling for mass-produced apparel. Instead, you can create products with a personal touch.

It doesn't matter if you want to create a t-shirt, phone case, or a pair of leggings—the color selection is wide and design options endless.

reducing waste

Since we fulfill our products only when a customer buys them and we produce less waste than traditional made-to-sell retail stores, our closet's clean. MISTER VERCETTI products are created using the made-to-order production approach. We warehouse only the products customers actually want and don't throw our leftover stock into landfills.

We're learning to reduce the amount of waste we produce, so we're working on improving our packaging—as of February 2020, we've saved more than 12 US tons (11,028 kg) of plastic. We also donate damaged and returned products to local charities.

products & production

Quality you can count on.

eco-friendly products

We want to give our customers reliable, quality products that are also kind to the planet.

We currently offer options for eco-friendly apparel. Our eco-friendly product collection is growing along with the needs of our environmentally-conscious customers. 

One of our goals for 2025 is to expand our eco-friendly product catalog. We're also working on optimizing our cut & sew production line to reduce the leftover fabric scraps.

long-lasting quality

Each product we add to our catalog is thoroughly tested to ensure high quality. To make sure the products last long, we do durability, wash, and wear tests.

We offer a variety of garments, some from our W.R.A.P. certified supplier Bella + Canvas that also manufactures organic cotton t-shirts. We trust our suppliers to deliver high-quality products that'll last many washes, keeping the colors vibrant and elasticity great. On top of that, we conduct our own quality checks when launching every new product to ensure print quality and material durability.

responsible production

Most of the printers we use in production are energy-efficient: they use less electricity, water, and chemicals than standard industry printers.

DTG works with inkjet technology: the water-based ink is sprayed onto the garment, helping the ink soak in better. DTG has no color count, and this printing method works well even for the most elaborate designs. For our paper prints, like framed posters, we use Epson ink that has a low environmental impact.

We dispose of our inks according to supplier guidelines to avoid harming the environment. To give you the best quality, we constantly upgrade our printers and have already invested $39.8M in printing equipment.


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