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Mister vercetti x branconic

world changer.

We create the new system,

that drives our global consume.

Dear consumer, 

Each and every year, you and all the other consumer around the world are spending an unbelievable amount of $63 trillion on consumer products. In our world there seems to be nothing that we can’t get in matter of minutes. Consume is controlling the world, but what if we continue in this way of lifestyle?

Do we really think about the real need of a product that we are going to buy? No sometime we are using a product just for a moment and in the next is going to the wast, we we are to lazy to bring it back and to create a working system of recycling and reuse opportunities.

We think that system is moving in a whole wrong direction and we want to have a game-changing impact on this system. If you’re like us, this fact can make you feel pretty uncomfortable. Here is why?

Because nowadays consumer controllers are not creating products to fit the interests of the consumer. They create it to use their manipulating marketing techniques to sell at least an higher amount than the competition.

We want to reset that system and we will go ahead to work as close as possible with the consumers, to really understand them and to create products that really fit their interests and behaviour.

To change the world, we must first change the whole system, we need to reboot it and start it over based on a new defined way that is brining value to everyone who is a part of this system.

Taking place in the mega industry of today. 

Did you know, that there are around 3 billion people on the world that are defined as consumers, and that they spend an unbelievable huge amount of $63 trillion each year on consumer products?

We’re working on owning 0,0001 % of this mega industry and from this we want to give 10% of our total profit to help closing the $2.5 trillion gap to charity that changes the world, while creating iconic brands and products that innovate consumer markets.

We're on a mission to change the world, which is the biggest vision we ever had. 

There was never a time in human history where humans generate that much wealth. Which reflects that the global consume is at an all time high. But all that shiny consumer world brings also a problem within. The global discounter rush has changed the consume behaviour and mindset of billions of people. And we’re wasting resources of our planet by putting all the low quality products to the waste, because it broke or we do not need it any more. And the worst about is, that we never use a second thinking about the consequences of our behaviour.

While we are producing more and more waste and our consume is growing each and every year, there are ate the same time around 736 million people that are living in extreme poverty. With many dying daily, simply because they lack access to basics for their health, education and living standards. We want to have an impact on this problem by creating the “world changer” initiative to have an positive impact in the future.

These days, consumer spending totals around US$63 trillion a year on consumer products of all kind. And we believe that this huge amount of money can have a drastic impact on the world.

This injustice is fed by a broken system. We believe that to change the world, we must change this system, meaning to redefine it in a whole new way that the world has never seen before. Now, how do wen want to change it?

Thats simple, we build BRANCONIC with the vision to create consumer products that are more focused on the customers behaviour than on the lowest price and on the same time we want to give something back to the world and have an impact to eliminate extrem poverty. We want to give a constant percentage of our revenue, in other words our profit to our best shareholders: the humans that are living in poverty.

Our Mission; to be loyal to the best shareholders on the planet, the humans itself and creating a consume system that is focused on the customers needs and that gives something back to our community instead of creating wealth only for a small group of people.

The new system

We're overthinking the business as usual. 

BRANCONIC exists to redefine the commerce system that drives the world. We are a company that is not focused on shareholders dividends. We want to close the gap that was created to make only the rich people richer.

Our shareholders are the humans of the world and we’ve created a systems that controls the cash-flow and brings money where it’s needed most. That allows us to give a consumer the choice to help end extreme poverty If this new system works, BRANCONIC could reach more and more countries, and together, 

we could change the course of history, and see a whole new generation of consumerism where consumers are more focused on their behaviour than on the smallest price. And with higher quality products and a higher margin we can give more to help people that are living at the minimum.

We know that is a huge vision. But ask yourself the question: “What if it would be possible?”

Together we can have an impact.
And we need you the consumers to make it happen.

the branconic model.

We create customer innovated products and launch them inside Iconic brands to fit the highest possible interest level of the target groups. This model only has the goal to place the most iconic and consumer catching brands in the market and to give more and more people the change to look forward into a better tomorrow supporter by our charity activity.

Iconic brands and products

We define Iconic characteristic brands who identify themselves with their customers, within that brands we create first-class products and finde first-class partners that help us to take these produces sustainable.

"World Changer" product partners.

To reach our target way faster, we created the “World Changer” licensing model where other brands and products can get a certificate an use the world changer label on their products.

#imagamechanger movement

We believe in the power of global social connections and created a movement where humans around the world can share the movement statement on any way they want to that’s how we get attraction.

The role in the system

MISTER VERCETTI's world changer role.

As a part of the world changer initiative MISTER VERCETTI is committing to the rules to earn the "world changer" license. Meaning that first of all we care about our global footprint and producing our products based on the BRANCONIC sustainability guideline.

And second MISTER VERCETTI is giving 15% of the global profit to the BRANCONIC foundation to invest in projects around the world that have the focus to create a better tomorrow where no single person has to live in extrem poverty. 

You guys a members of the legendary family of MISTER VERCETTI are a part of this amazing vision that will have the biggest impact in human history. And you can help that this vision can reach more and more people to make the community behind the strongest ever. You can find out more below. 

Be a game changer and share the vision. 

This is an invitation to change the consume system that drives our world and to have the biggest impact in human history. I'm a game changer, you too?


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