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music speaks what can not expressed

Music unites us

Let's match to the beat

This is something for your mind, your body and your soul. A way to lose control over your senses, your thoughts and your feelings. We are here to get an understanding of: Who we are? Where we come from? And what direction we are heading in life? It’s about finding yourself in the moment, living in now and forgetting about the past. So we go wild with the blast. For all we know when we be our last. Try to show the world that we are the generation that was here to make a change. We held on together as we all match to the beat. United by music, peace, love and freedom. These are choices that we make, that make us what we are. Our Ying. Our Yang. So once again: Let's all get together and unite to the beats of our life.

Listen to the Rhythm of a legendary lifestyle 

What is the rhythm of your life. Is it fast is it slow is it filled with emotions or energy? No matter what kind of rhythm is the one that drives you keep going and never stop doing what you love. Forget about what others say and make the wonderful moments of your life, legendary.

The range.

The MUSIC UNITES US collection contains a selection of our legendary t-shirts and hoodies (front & side pocket) – it comes in your favourite colors, black, white and desert dust.

"Let's all get together and unite to the beat of our life."

Get United Through Music

Music builds communities. Communities that unite people all around the world without any words. It's voice free of racism or cultural differences. The only thing that matters is the flow of the beat, the feelings and the legendary moments it gives us when we are uniting through music as one. 

Music Speaks A Language Everyone Understands

No matter where you're from. No matter what language you speak, music gives you the voice that anyone understands. MISTER VERCETTI was inspired by the magic of music and created a unique edition that represents what music is for all of us: The freedom, the emotion, the exit from the now and the access to a world of magic. 


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